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July 2024

Art & Crafts

The aesthetically decorated ‘ART ROOM’ is where the students pursue their hobbies with a passion. It provides canvases, paint, brushes and other paraphernalia needed to create some stirring images and artefacts.


Art is the expression of the soul”

Yes, that is a common belief and interpretation of art. Many people consider art to be a means of expressing one's thoughts, emotions, and innermost experiences. It is often seen as a form of communication that goes beyond mere words and allows individuals to convey their unique perspectives and insights.
Art can take various forms, including painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance, theater, film, and more. Artists use these mediums to tap into their creativity and give shape to their thoughts and feelings. Through their creations, they can evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, challenge societal norms, and provide glimpses into different realities.
Artistic expression allows individuals to explore and share their deepest selves, connecting with others on an emotional and intellectual level. It can serve as a reflection of the artist's identity, experiences, and beliefs, as well as a medium for social and cultural commentary. However, it's important to note that interpretations of art can vary, and different individuals may find different meanings and messages within the same piece of art. Art is subjective, and its impact can be highly personal, resonating differently with each observer.